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Accepting credit cards doesn't have to be expensive

Our merchant services program is designed to help your business thrive with highly competitive rates, personalized customer service and the latest technology. We don't believe in upselling or burdening you with unnecessary features. Our focus is on ensuring you have access to the best possible processing option at the most reasonable pricing. Plus, our industry-leading customer service team is always just a phone call away.

Everything You Need

We manage everything for you from start to finish, in one convenient location. This includes account origination, training, equipment and supplies, reporting, and service, all provided by your trusted financial partner.

Low processing rates

Our team is dedicated to finding the most affordable rates for your business with no hidden fees or charges.


Unlike many other providers, we don't require you to sign a lengthy agreement with a large cancellation fee. Should you come across a better processing option, you are free to leave at any time.


Everybody says they offer great customer service. We actually do. No matter the issue, we're available to help any time you need us.

in-depth reporting

With secure web-hosted reporting, you can conveniently keep track of your business operations regardless of your location or the time.


We provide a wide range of product options, including POS systems, back-office solutions, industry-specific products, and more. Our goal is to help you enhance your business operations with the right tools and resources.

Business Management & Payment Solutions

In this era of digital technology, transactions can occur anywhere, not just at the sales counter. These tools are designed to offer powerful capabilities that enable businesses to conduct transactions online, over the phone, in person or even in the back office. However, payment processing is just the start. Our comprehensive payment systems offer a range of integrated tools that serve as the central hub of your business, providing real-time information, operational efficiency and the potential to take your business to the next level.

Paya Connect

Paya Connect is a comprehensive virtual payment solution that offers a secure platform to accept various forms of payments, such as credit and debit, ACH, EFT and FSA. It is designed to cater to multi-location businesses and recurring-payment transactions. With Paya Vault, customer card data is securely stored in compliance with industry standards, allowing for easy repeat billing. Moreover, Paya Connect comes with invoicing tools and Level 3 processing capabilities, making it an indispensable component of your back office.


A full suite of back office and custom payment management tools

See a few of Paya Connect's key features in action, including the simple process of running transactions.


Set up automatic recurring payments for repeat customers

Watch how quickly you can add repeat billings — set it once, and you won't have to worry about it again.

Learn More About Paya Connect


MX™ Merchant

MX™ Merchant is the ultimate payment and business management platform. This cloud-based solution is a powerful tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your daily operations efficiently, including processing payments from credit cards, cash, and checks. With a range of reporting and monitoring options, you can stay on top of your payments in real-time, view historical data, monitor chargebacks and access monthly statements effortlessly. Moreover, a wide range of add-on apps provides MX™ Merchant with even more flexibility, enabling you to customize your experience and make it the perfect solution for your business needs.


Accept payments, manage billing, track sales and engage customers

More than a payment-processing tool, MX™ Merchant is an entire payments ecosystem custom-built to your needs.

Explore the MX™ Ecosystem

Learn More About MX™ Merchant



SwipeSimple's Virtual Terminal offers an intuitive and modern solution for managing payments. With just a web browser, you can process transactions, send invoices and more. The time-saving features include cloud-based inventory, real-time transaction history, tax reporting, item tracking and the ability to set up recurring payments. Plus, the virtual terminal is compatible with various smart terminal devices, making managing your business from your computer even more effortless.


Easy payment acceptance right at your computer

Get a quick 2-minute rundown of the capabilities of the SwipeSimple Virtual Terminal.

Learn More About SwipeSimple VT

Retail POS & Mobile Payments

Smart POS systems provide a fully customizable and integrated transaction experience. From customer-facing touch screens to contactless payments and pay-at-table options, these systems are optimized for convenience and efficiency. They also offer useful tools for business management, such as inventory tracking, customer engagement campaigns and HR applications. These robust systems provide the freedom to conduct business from anywhere without any constraints.

Clover Station Duo

The Clover Station Duo is the ultimate all-in-one point-of-sale solution. With a 14" HD screen for merchants, a 7" smart terminal for customers and a high-speed receipt printer, it is ready to use right out of the box. Suitable for any business type, whether retail or restaurant, the Clover Station Duo can also connect to other Clover hardware to further enhance its functionality. With access to best-in-class apps and back-office functions like inventory management, it is the heart of any business operation.


A powerful point of sale for both sides of the counter

The all-in-one POS for faster service at the counter. How can the Clover Station Duo make your business smarter, faster and more efficient?

Learn More About Clover Station Duo


Clover Station Solo

The Clover Station Solo is the ultimate POS tool for managing your business and keeping your operations running smoothly. It features a large display, accepts various payment types, organizes inventory and manages team activities. Plus, with add-ons from the Clover hardware family, you can create custom functions to meet your unique needs.


A point of sale system designed to make things easy

Merchants of all sizes use the Clover Station Solo to get their businesses running and keep them running smoothly

Learn More About Clover Station Solo


Clover Flex

The Flex is the most versatile POS device available in the market. It comes with built-in Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity, making it fully functional as a standalone system. You can also integrate the Flex with other Clover components to unlock their complete potential, including pay-at-table functionality.


Take your POS Station beyond the counter

Checkout is wherever you want it to be — tableside, on the sales floor, out on the road...or anywhere else you can dream up.

Learn More About Clover Flex


Clover Mini

The Clover Mini is compact yet powerful enough to support your business operations. It's the perfect choice for small retail or quick-service locations that want to access the same business management tools as larger POS clients. Plus, being part of the Clover ecosystem ensures that it can accommodate your business's growth over time.


A full point of sale system in a small package

Small enough to fit into any space, the Clover Mini packs plenty of POS power to run your full house, front to back

Learn More About Clover Mini



OVVI™ is the all-in-one point-of-sale solution for every business type, bundled into one cleverly-designed, sleek and compact package. It offers unparalleled flexibility: customize your hardware and configure your applications to fit your specific situation. Whether you run a small boutique or a supermarket, OVVI™ has got retail merchants covered. And from food trucks to fine dining, it provides the tools restaurants need to succeed. OVVI™ is the perfect fit for every merchant, no matter how you do business.


OVVI™ for Food Service

OVVI™ is equipped with the perfect features for any food service setting, whether it's a small food stand or a grand fine dining restaurant.


OVVI™ in the Marketplace

OVVI is a reliable solution for retail businesses of any size to efficiently manage day-to-day operations and boost profits.

Learn More About OVVI™ for Restaurants

Learn More About OVVI™ for Retail


Mobile Payments

Expand the reach of your business by adding a mobile component to your merchant account. You can securely accept payments using most smartphones and tablets, making it an ideal option for organizations with remote workers or those not confined to a single retail site. The feature is accessible on both iOS and Android platforms.


Accept payments anywhere, any time

The best payment terminal is the one you already have in your pocket. Utilize the power and security of your own smartphone to process payments and conduct business anywhere.

Learn More About Mobile Payments

Next-Generation Terminals

Don't let their appearance deceive you - these aren't your basic countertop terminals. The new generation of payment terminals boasts lightning-fast speed, unparalleled versatility and seamless integration with back-office systems. In addition, these advanced devices sport vibrant customer-facing screens and standard wireless connectivity, making them a top choice for merchants seeking the latest payment acceptance technology.


The Desk/3500 is your gateway to smart payment acceptance. With its compact design, lightning-fast processing, top-notch security and impressive power, the Desk/3500 is readily equipped to handle any payment method. Additionally, it offers a range of connectivity options to suit your needs. And if you use the MX™ Merchant platform, you can enjoy the benefits of real-time reporting that seamlessly integrates with your back office system.

Learn More About the Ingenico Desk/3500



Sales transactions don't always take place in traditional checkout lines. The Move/5000 offers all the features of a Desk series machine but with the added flexibility of Bluetooth and optional 4G/LTE connectivity, enabling payments to be processed on the go. It is an excellent option for pay-at-table venues and boasts a full-color touchscreen with video functionality to enhance the overall customer checkout experience.

Learn More About the Ingenico Move/5000



Designed for retailers using the Paya Connect platform for back-office business management, this speedy and secure solution covers all payment methods and offers an integrated retail option that eliminates the need for hand-keying.

Learn More About the Ingenico Lane/3000

Additional Payment Products & Services


Software Integration

Using industry-specific or customized software shouldn't automatically result in high processing rates or being locked into a provider with terrible service. We can integrate our merchant account with many third-party software applications. Allow us to determine if our solution is a good fit for your needs.

Find out if we can integrate with your software


Website Development

Having a website is crucial for any business in today's digital age. It helps build credibility and brand awareness and enables quick communication with customers. Creating an effective website can be challenging, but we can provide you with a web development expert who can tailor a professional site to your needs. We also offer a custom domain and secure payment processing to make e-commerce seamless, all quickly and affordably.

Learn More About Website Development


Municipal Invoicing

A simple and effective method for municipalities to deliver invoices and collect payments online (including convenience fees).

Learn More About Municipal Invoicing


Donation Management

Nonprofits can manage online fundraising programs by accepting one-time and recurring donations, membership dues and registrations.

Learn More About Donation Management


Check Services

Process check payments as easily and safely as credit cards with check guarantee and conversion services. No bounced checks, no NSF fees and no physical deposits.

Learn More About Check Services


Gift/Loyalty Cards

An affordable, turnkey program to reinforce your brand. Includes four-color printing, custom branding and multiple program types to provide the ultimate in flexibility.

Learn More About Gift & Loyalty Cards



A unique and comprehensive set of tools for independent landlords and property managers to manage their real estate and properties. With a single, secure, web-based application, users can screen tenants, manage documents, collect rent, expedite maintenance requests, onboard new tenants quickly, process payments accurately, reconcile funds and create new channels to communicate with tenants. It's the ultimate solution for real estate and property management needs.

Learn More About Property Management

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