Our only mission is to support our financial institution partners

FiNet provides a modern and results-driven merchant services program to community banks and credit unions throughout the United States. Lots of companies say they do the same. But what makes FiNet unique is that we are actually built upon the same ideals as our partners themselves. We’re about building relationships, supporting our partners and simply providing a great product.

We are truly a partner in the process, not the type of company to secure an agreement and then disappear. We’ll always stay involved with our partners to be sure the program functions at peak efficiency. And we’ll always provide the same personalized support community banks and credit unions offer.

But there are also things we’ll never do. Unlike most other providers, we’ll never solicit your merchants directly. That would make us your competitor. We’d also never dictate the terms of your bank’s program. One size doesn’t fit all. And we’d never tell a financial institution it is too small to expect the same service as every other partner.

Just like community banks and credit unions, what truly sets FiNet apart is our people. We are a hands-on, relationship-driven company, so working with community-based financial institutions is a natural fit. We are devoted to merchant services. Our partners witness that passion with every phone call, email or visit from a FiNet representative.

Most importantly, our service team is among the most knowledgeable in the industry. And certainly the most accessible. Our full service team is located in-house, not in a call center. We answer the phones ourselves and we get to know our partners and their merchants on a first-name basis.

Payment processing is no longer simply a terminal plugged into the wall. While that works for some, even the smallest of merchants are finding the benefits of technology in their day-to-day workflow. FiNet has a dedicated product team to keep up with each new technological advancement as it hits the market. If it will benefit a merchant, we will make sure they have the opportunity to use it. Plus we’ll do so at the lowest possible cost.

What's Next?

As you can tell, we've been making some changes online. We've recently completely revamped our online resources for our partners and now we're getting the new FiNet website set to go.

For our current partners, make sure you check out your brand new marketing resources and the merchant-facing websites we've built for you! Additionally, we'll be in touch this summer to roll out our brand new system for submitting and tracking merchant referrals.

For those checking us out for the first time, we'll be able to show these off on our updated website very soon. But why wait? Our team can easily walk you through all the program tools we've put in place and show you why the FiNet program simply makes the most sense for your financial institution. Call us at 800.487.5577 or contact us via the form below to speak with our team today!

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